X-DRAGON 6000mAh Portable External Battery Phone Charger

X-DRAGON 6000mAh Portable External Battery Phone Charger


     Capacity: 6000mAh
     Dual Outputs: Max.5V2.4A
     Input: 5V2A
     Rechargeable Cycles: 500
     Dimension: 95x65x20mm/3.7x25.5x0.7inch
     Weight: 173g/6.1oz
     Comes with a USB Charging Cable

The Smallest Power Bank in Its Capacity Range

Big power just got 15% lighter. Travel light with the X-DRAGON dual port 6000mAh power bank, add 2+ for your iPhone 8, more than one times for large capacity smartphones like iphone X, Samsung Gaxaxy S8
Small but Packed with Dual Outputs
Unlike most battery packs in the market, it packs dual USB outputs to charge two devices simultaneously in fast speed; 2A input, recharge 30% faster than normal 1A battery pack; Fit for iphone, ipad, Android, Windows devices and so on.

LED Flashlight for Emergency Use
Backup flashlight will be a good helper if you need an emergent light like camping, hiking and any emergency occasion
Perfect Details, Matte Finish
For better experience, we use a circular and angular design. The use of ABS + PC + fireproof material, the surface is twilled makes it non-slip, even when you sweat a lot, very suitable for business person, traveler and game enthusiasts.

• High Capacity - Compact size but packed with even more power. 6000mAh capacity provides two charges to an iPhone 8, one more charge to other large capacity smartphone like iphone X, Samsung Gaxaxy S8 and add 50% to ipad mini 

• Save Charging Time - Most small battery pack on the market only contains one USB output, this one is packed with dual 2.4A USB outputs, which can charge two devices simultaneously; 2A efficient input, 20%-30% faster than normal 5V 1A power bank 

• The Perfect Fit: Designed with optimal portability(3.7x25.5x0.7in, 6.1oz), slips unnoticed in and out of a purse, pocket, or bag. Round edge makes it easy to hold. The matte finish body treatment does exactly what it sounds like – Enhances grip and prevents smudges and fingerprints so it always looks great 

• SMART DIGITAL SCREEN - Digital screen shows the exact percentage of power in digital format, like the smartphone; Built-in LED flashlight can be used as a torch, suitable for camping, hiking and any emergency occasions 

• CERTIFIED SAFE - X-DRAGON’s multiple safety systems ensure complete protection for you and your devices 


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